What is Affiliate Marketing?

The internet has numerous benefits. Of course, some are more popular than others. It sure makes communication more accessible, particularly through social media. You'll also find it easy to get information about a wide range of subjects like affiliate marketing.

But one thing that we grossly underestimate in this digital age is affiliate marketing. So, before we go into it, let's impress you with some figures real quick! Did you know that 16% of the sales brands in the United States make, according to a recent survey, are from affiliate marketing?

Well, now that you have an idea of just how vital affiliate marketing truly is, we'll give you a rundown of how it works and who is in the best position to provide you with that service.


What is Affiliate Marketing? Definition

Before we delve into what affiliate marketing is, let's backtrack a bit. Most of our clients are quite curious, and one of their frequently asked questions is, what is an affiliate? Well, if you have an idea of what it is, you'll undoubtedly find it easy to understand what affiliate marketing entails.

An affiliate is a marketer who owns a chain of websites, blogs, or email mailing lists, and these are what they use to create awareness for their brands and companies. An affiliate may be a single individual or, in our case, an agency.

AdMammoth is an affiliate agency with an extensive network. Essentially, we go by numerous traditional or conventional methods of marketing products. For instance, we have many top influencers that reach our younger audience; we create content for websites, give search engine optimization recommendations etc. With AdMammoth, we assure you that you'll become a part of the brands with an increased conversion rate within a few weeks. So, why not become a part of the 16% of brands that generate revenue from e-commerce sales in 2021?


Affiliate Marketing

Technically, affiliate marketing is a semi-modern way of generating awareness about a brand or company’s products and services. But, of course, affiliate marketers profit from this through commissions. So, essentially, it all narrows down to the agreement between the company and the affiliate marketers, as the commission rates vary.

Now, here’s how it works. Affiliate marketers use the latest trends, blogs, niches, adverts, and other methods to generate traffic. It requires consistency and the ability to capture your target market’s attention and, of course, hold on to it long enough to entice them about what you’re selling.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is in such high demand that it has various types already. Of course, they’re all important, but we’ll mention just a few we feel you would love to know more about.


Statistically, 97% of shoppers in the United States are eager to use coupons when they shop. It’s a great way to save money! Also, 92% of these shoppers actively search for coupons. Affiliate marketers leverage this need for reduced prices and use it to generate traffic and attract customers.

Clicking on a coupon link will take you to the desired website, but at a discounted price. Hence, affiliate marketers work with companies that offer coupons. They generate traffic, attach links with coupon prices, and subsequently attract parent company or brand customers.

Content Marketers – Blogs and Websites

These are, by far, the most popular type of affiliate marketing in the industry. Typically, they are content creators who dedicate their time and resources to generating traffic to their websites and blogs. Of course, they have a large following, which means they can successfully divert a huge number of people to the services and products of the companies and brands with which they work. These people are typically known as influencers.

They use the latest trends, videos, hashtags, etc., to attract tons of people. Then, companies and brands send them samples to try out and write about on their sites. Content creators, in return, review these samples and promote them to their followers.

Traditional Media

You see, traditional media is one of the oldest forms of affiliate marketing. Brands and companies reach out to TV and radio stations and publishers of newspapers and magazines and offer them a commissional-based contract. People typically tune in to see their content, and they also follow up on the services you’ve contacted them to provide for you.

It’s a legitimate way of garnering a huge customer base, as people from all age groups will find their way to what you’re selling or offering.

Email Marketing

Affiliate marketing also moves quite fast through emails. You may have received one or two unsolicited emails from a brand you probably didn’t know about and may even have clicked on one of the links. They usually ask if you don’t mind receiving their emails once you visit a site and add you to their list. Tons of people receive these emails.

Email affiliate marketers do it in bulk, which makes it an efficient method. Affiliate marketers that work with this method are referred to as email vendors.

They use the latest trends, videos, hashtags, etc., to attract tons of people. Then, companies and brands send them samples to try out and write about on their sites. Content creators, in return, review these samples and promote them to their followers.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

An affiliate marketing program like AdMammoth combines the best ways of affiliate marketing and uses them to attract customers for the brands and companies we work with. For instance, at AdMammoth, we created content and contacted our key influencers while working for liveunicorns, one of our top brands. And, within days, we had generated a ton of traffic to their website and had promoted their products effectively.

At AdMammoth, we ensure that we use a combination of affiliate marketing networks to attract long-term customers, and our team of experts knows the most suitable method for the brands we work for. Another instance are brands that provide services for the younger generation, like BlufVPN, require a particular marketing method.

We use key influencers and search engine optimization (SEO) content to attract their current extensive customer base.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

As a budding brand or company, you stand to make money with affiliate marketing. It is not just an assurance of traffic for your website but also real-life sales. According to the above cited survey, 83% of affiliate marketers generate awareness for brands through affiliate marketing. Essentially, this is the most important benefit.

If you’re an upcoming brand, it’ll take a lot of time to develop a sustainable relationship with publishers that can successfully promote your brand and generate income. Additionally, another recent survey has shown that affiliate marketing will soon positively generate $70 billion in sales in the United States.


So, why not jump on that trend and hire a reliable affiliate marketing program like AdMammoth? It’s a super-efficient way to create awareness about your products and services without breaking the bank.

AdMammoth has built beneficial relationships with influencers, lead buyers, and top publishers to ensure that our clients receive only the best services. We have established those relationships over the years, so you don’t have to. Additionally, you’ll be paying a lot less when you go through us because of our mutually beneficial relationship.

The best part is, you’ll only pay commissions for our services. Affiliate marketing works based on commissions, which means that the ineffectiveness of your affiliate marketers doesn’t affect your time or resources.

So, why not join the 81% of brands that use affiliate marketers to promote their products and services and stand a chance to cash in big from the ton of traffic and sales you’ll subsequently receive?

In Conclusion

Brands have unlocked an efficient and cost-saving method of marketing their products and widening their client base. It’s no secret that it costs little to nothing to hire an affiliate marketing program to help you drive up your sales. It works based on commissions, albeit with varying rates.

With AdMammoth, we assure you that you'll become a part of the brands with an increased conversion rate within a few weeks. So, why not become a part of the 16% of brands that generate revenue from e-commerce sales in 2021?


If you have some services or products you’re looking to promote, you can opt for affiliate marketing. It’s an easy process, simply lookout for some of the requirements in a credible affiliate. For instance, AdMammoth has the essential requirements and more, and you can look us up on our website. We guarantee you excellent lead generation within the first few days of working with us!

Reach out to AdMammoth with an offer or rate, and we’ll work on a suitable one that’s beneficial to us both. Simply send in your products or link us with your services which we’ll subsequently review. Then, AdMammoth will take over, do the needful and generate traffic to your website. We also assure you that we’ll help build your solid customer base
The most important impact to you as a brand owner is lead generation. We assure you of an increase in your income within a short while of working with us. It’s a sure-fire way to promote your business for you, and you’ll only have to pay us when we make sales for you. So, grow and solidify your client base today by contacting us at AdMammoth!